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Start earning right now

Publish your house or apartment, welcome guests and get extra income.

Hundreds of homeowners are already earning with us

Our platform allows travelers and tourists to find the right accommodation to rent in Hawaii and the USA, and many apartment owners have already appreciated the opportunity to list their homes & apartments on

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Start earning right now

Publish your house or apartment, welcome guests and get extra income. Our platform helps hundreds of homeowners and thousands of guests to connect with each other and rent a home at the best price with minimal commissions.

Guests from all over the world

Many guests from all over the world will be able to find your accommodation on our platform and book it in the easiest way possible.

Home Owner Support 7 days per week

Our specialists are in touch 7 days a week and will always try to help in disputes between the guest and the owner of the property, as well as on payment issues.

Unlimited publications for everyone and forever

If you own a large number of properties, then on our platform you can publish them all – thereby attracting a lot of guests and earning!

Benefits of our platform

Click the “Host your place” button and register an account after choosing the desired tariff.

Find the “Host your place” button in the upper right corner or follow the link. If you are already registered – fill in the required data and click the “Publish” button

You can publish the number of apartments that corresponds to your tariff plan. Up to 15 apartments – free of charge.

If you can provide any additional services as part of rental housing (for example, car rental, etc.) – indicate this when creating a listing in the appropriate section and set the cost. If the client selects this option, he will pay for it when creating the booking.

You can see the dates of the days booked in the Dashboard > Entries section. For quick access, follow the link.

Our guests are interested in all kinds of places. We have listings for tiny homes, cabins, treehouses, and more. Even a spare room can be a great place to stay.

No, you don’t have to host your property all the time. You can enable or disable the listing, as well as adjust the dates available for booking.

In standard situations, you just need to confirm the reservation and check in and check out the guests. But it will be very good if you give guests a little more attention, for example, ask them what else you can help them with and offer your additional services or give local advice.

Take good photos, stay in touch with your guests, and keep your accomodation clean and tidy.

The cost of the commission is 20% and it is charged from the host when withdrawing funds to your bank account.



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